W(h)ine and Chocolate inspired! Two new designs

What a random act of "Chowness" our adventure to the coast was 2 weeks ago when Steve surprised Lil and I  with a birthday  trip to Lincoln City Oregon. We stayed at an awesome "dog friendly" hotel called THE LOOKING GLASS INN at the junction of the bay and the ocean  and had we the ocean pretty much to ourselves! 
On our last day, much to our surprise we ran into  the nicest couple, Blain and Kim Roberts of WESTPORT WINERY and their two very unique Chocolate brown chows Lulu and Kurzon. These dogs were so lovely and beautiful temperaments as well. Lil was excited to meet two new chow friends but cautious as they towered over her!
If you click on the WESTPORT WINERY link you will come to a page on their website where you will find the most awesome wine label I have ever seen in my life!!  This is one of their previous chows.  What an outstanding job of capturing that tongue and we plan to order a couple of bottles of this wine for ourselves. How funny that wine conniseurs and chowists would come together in such a beautiful setting!!
COLOR BLIND – by Sandra Miller
Both Lulu and Kurzon were both such a lovely old fashioned "sepia" color that I decided I had to try my hand at something unique this time….no color…just lots of impact.  Both of these designs are availble on my Zazzle site as cards, and "COLORBLIND" is also available as a print
Here are a few photos from the trip.  Lillian had just as much fun as I did.  More photos can be found


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