Well I managed to run out of time to do much text right now because the photos took 2 hours to work on and load, but I will add more about the winery’s later. We met up with our friends Diana from Iowa and Valerie from southern CA yesterday and spent the day winery hopping. The weather was glorious. Sunny and warm with hints of cool mountain breezes wafting by.


Today we do some more tastings and eating and then head to Sacamento to meet up with all our friends at the CCCI  Chow National Show.  Will update tonight and also check back to see any updates to the photo thumbnails here as well.  I’ll annotate them later!!  Many of the scenery pix were taken through a back car window so pardon the blur. I normally woudln’t publish those photos but a lot of them help give a bit of context and feel for the area so I decided to include them….  Hugs!!

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