Farewell Dear Meg….our hearts are broken

It took me over a week to get this blog post written.  I wanted to let you all know we had to say our goodbyes to Meg a week ago Friday due to complications from a mystery stomach issue. I tried with everything in my being to make things right..make her better, but Meg suddenly took a turn for the worse the last week of our trip and  and she told us she did not want to fight any more after we had been home for 2 weeks.

Meg went incredibly peacefully….she was ready to rest….. but no matter how we had prepared ourselves…our hearts are literally torn in two. I can’t tell you how empty this house is without our beautiful Megawatt.

You were my mentor, muse and constant companion with the most soulful eyes that I will continue to see, every day of my life. Sleep in peace my dearest friend. We miss your sweet face so much it hurts!!!

My dear Facebook friends were following Megs ups and downs with her illness the past couple of week so I told them immediatley what had happened.  Almost 100 people have stopped by the wall to give Steve and I some very badly needed virtual hugs and prayers and I thank you all for your incredible support.  It has helped in the healing tremendously!!!!!

I have had so many emails from friends and customers who aren’t on Facebook who have been asking where I’ve been and I thought I had better do a blog post to update .  I am working on getting back on track by remodeling my dressing room/guest room which is helping both me Lillian and Gracie too.  They found that green paint is their color and are spreading it liberally on their coats any chance they get…..the comic relief is good and OH SO Welcome.  I will show you the final room remodel when I’m done.

My son Bryan with Meg…he  and my daughter Liz adored this girl


Don’t cry because it’s over, Smile because it happened.
-Dr. Seuss


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