NEW PENDANTS ON THE WAY….and a squeeky clean puppy

I’ve been bouncing back and forth between my artwork and playing with Gracie….then a little housework (very little) and gardening.  I’d like to say I’m accomplishing a lot but it seems the busier I am the less I’m getting done.  Spring is always the busiest time around here and I wouldn’t change that for the world

These one of a kind pendants you see here are all sold (except for the Moonbear one below which is a limited edition.  I have been doing a few FACEBOOK specials on my SANDRA MILLER STUDIO fan page so this is where you can find occasional goodies being announced first!!  Join my FACEBOOK FAN PAGE by clicking HERE or find my FACEBOOK feed in the right hand column of the blog.

Many more pendants are on the way so stay tuned to FACEBOOK or check in often at the website HERE

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Gracie at 11 weeks

And today little Gracie got her first bath in Oregon (Diana and I bathed her in Iowa before she left)  These rainy days really make the coat look raggedy and its so nice to have her freshly fluffed and buffed!! Diana , Gracie was REALLY good in the tub today.  You would be proud

Gracie at 11 weeks

Nothing cuter than a clean chow butt

Soggy Gracie waiting for the dryer

I love the butt shots

Big purple smooches from Gracie!!!

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Hi my name is Sandra Miller, artist, photographer, jewelry designer and animal lover. My husband Steve and I share our home and garden with an amazing Finnish Lapphund dogs named Ihana.

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