SPRING IS TRYING TO SPRUNG…and my girls are kicking their heels up

Can you believe this????  We have lived in Portland for 12 years now as transplants from Minnesota and I am still having a hard time getting used to flowers blooming in late January!!! The first of the Hellebores have started to produce blooms with dozens more varieties in my garden on the way soon.

Here is one absolutely covered with buds

A grainy goldfinch photo through my studio window

The snowdrops will be blooming in a week or two

The varigated English Ivy absolutely plasters my fence now

Lillian and Megawatt  2/21/10

And Lillian and her mommy Megawatt are apparently  feeling the shift in seasons with this 50 degree day

Megawatt  2/21/10

Look at that silver chin on my old lady.  I love Meg so much!!!

Lillia and Megawatt  2/21/10

A pretty Mother/Daughter shot

Lillian 2/21/10

Lillian was in rare form today acting like a puppy

Megawatt and Lillian  2/21/10

Chubby old Meg runs like a water buffalo and her daughter flys circles around her  like the wind

And last but not least…above is a new piece of artwork I created inspired by some photos I took at a recent dog show in Portland!!  This will be available on Zazzle and my Imagekind gallery this week.

Have a fantabulous Sunday my friends.  I will update about some new additions to the trip itinerary on Monday .  I’m getting so excited to go I can hardly contain myself!!!


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