Where’s the glass???…and random chow ramblings

Oh you guys I apologize for not updating you on my jewelry making status for what it seems is FOREVER!!!   To get you up to speed, over a year ago I was asked to create the trophies for the 2009 Chow Chow Club Inc. trophies and I have been working non stop on these glass and canvas goodies every since !!!

What has Sandra Miller been up to..where's the jewelry

The show is the end of this coming April and I am winding down finally and putting the finishing touches on the top honors before I ship them out to the trophy chair…my good friend Bonnie Young ……..who by the way owns Megs brother Ike

The bottom photo is how I do a rough sketch before I use the diamond /water saw to cut the shape.  That shape took me 2 hours to cut.  It’s very slow going.  I have to put chapstick over each line I am following so the water doesn’t wash my sharpie marker lines away while I’m working.  The water cools the saw blade to keep it from melting .  Just some tidbits I thought  might be interesting..

Each Koi, Water lily leaf ladybug etc is done this way and that’s AFTER the glass has already been fired twice, with over 12 firings left to go in a 1500 degree kiln layering on one color of glass each time.  each firing takes a whole day from start to fully cooled

What has Sandra Miller been up to..where's the jewelry

The images above are one of the main trophies in the middle stages of the creative process.  I thought you all might like to take a peek but I am ITCHING to show you the finished product!! OMG these creations are like nothing you have ever seen before.  As soon as the show is in full swing I will post an album of the winners with their trophies.  I spent  a good 5 hours outside on a 60 degree sunny day today taking photos for my portfolio of a year’s worth of work

Meg (background) and her daughter Lillian

The girls were so content in the warm sunshine and posed so pretty for the camera. That is Lillian in the foreground and Meg, her mother in the back.  My best mother/daughter shot so far

Meg...au natural

And here is Meg AuNatural..needing a bath but I love the “untouched” natural look . Hard to believe she’s a senior citizen!

Below is a video featuring Meg in the beginning and my camillia in full bloom I took today


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