Our new wheels and winning the AMAZEE race!!!

I’ll tell ya…Steve and I had such a great time last weekend buying a car!! We drove everything from sporty little coupe’s to boxy utility vehicles.  From our favorite color (and Blings) Orange to red to everything inbetween.  When it came down to it the car we  loved the  most only came in neutral colors and black………so we went totally STEALTH…black car..black leather, black windows!!

The new Honda!

This is our new Honda Accord EX-L Sedan  V-6…waiting for the paperwork to get done!!

Steve and the Honda salesman yesterday figuring out the Nav. System

Here is Steve and our super nice sales guy figuring out the GPS and Bluetooth system.  Wow things have changed a lot in the 4 years since we bought the Escalade.  Love being able to talk hands free from the cell phone.  Felt like an episode of Night Rider!!  David Hasselhoff..eat your heart out!! His talking car “Kitt” has nothing on our GPS gal…… LOL

Our AMAZEE project is in FIRST PLACE so far!!!

This morning I found this post above on the AMAZEE site which got me very excited!!! In the Amazee/Facebook rally we have climbed from #3 to #1 for the $1000.00 prize for Karen Tracy’s fund!!! OMG keep spreading the word you guys!! Click the Amazee blog post above to access the instructions on how help us win!!  It costs nothing and takes only a moment.



And yet another blog post ABOVE about our awesome project..thanks to AMAZEE and you all for making this happen for our good friend Karen!!!  Please take a moment to sign up for our AMAZEE PROJECT for Karen as a show of your support. You will be able to access the discussions if you are a member.  From here on in I will only be posting my updates concerning Karen Tracy at this page…but again you must be signed up to read the updates.  Right now I’m updating in 5 places and it’s taking so much time.  This should  help keep all the info in one central location.  Thank you so very much for your help and understanding



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