I am still blessed with my Snow Angels


I was going to give him a mug of Eggnog but that smacked too much of cannabalism!!!


We are certainly snowed in here this week.  I ‘m so glad we braved the crowds last friday and went grocery shopping.  In Portland when we get any snow at all the city literally closes down.  The snow and freezing temps continue with no reprieve for a few days.  I”m just glad we aren’t getting the winds like so many of you around the country are.


I have been fretting over my little hummingbirds who are  here all day at my feeder, just trying to stay energized and warm. 4x a day I thaw the food and literally get attacked when I hang the warm nectar back up for them to eat.


Here is the male Anna’s Hummingbird.  I am standing about 2 feet from him taking his photo.


This is one of 2 or 3 juvenilles from the 2008 brood who has absolutely NO FEAR of me.  He comes to my studio window about 7:00 each morning and sits on this abutilon branch that has drooped over the sidewalk and is now touching my window.  I’m sure it’s pretty warm there compared to a branch out in the open

Meg with her new toy

I just missed the perfect photo here.  The young hummer was on that branch just above Meg. He flew to the feeder as the flash went off.  DANG…A Chow and hummingbird in one shot would be a rarity!!

This one I took yesterday.  She was again sitting by the window so I quietly slipped outside and took dozens of shots.  I love the iridescent feathers in this image

This is the youngster who works his wings a lot…probably to keep warm.  Today I kept hearing a whirring in my ears while I was out photographing.  Finally I figured out where it was coming from. This little snow angel was sitting on my HAT…exercising his wings and probably feeling the warmth from my head.

The drizzle we had yesterday coated all the branches..then froze. The squirrels were slipping all over the place

Beautiful  hummingbird sitting on the frozen abutilon..see the flower to the left?

Flocks of birds come in at at time to feed on the suet cakes


My feeders looked like little fire hydrants this morning

Everyone stay warm and safe and enjoy the serenity of the new fallen snow.  As much as I hate cold, I do love this fresh snow and how bright the scenery has become.


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