Barkleigh the stray cat who has adopted us, and Bling have been campaiging around our neighborhood and decided after going to only 5 houses that they are better qualified than either of the candidates on the ticket this election year!


Barkleigh promises a mouse in every garage while his running mate Bling Bling the panda has aspirations of a bamboo shoot in every citizens back yard.  Blings plan gives new meaning to “SPREADING THE WEALTH”, and if you have ever seen  how invasive bamboo is Blings plan just might flyl!!!!!

Hot topics on their agenda for the next 5 days include “CATATONIC MEDIA FRENZY”;,”HISSY FITS ON THE CAMPAIGN TRAIL“, “CATTY REMARKS” and,    WE NEED TO CHANGE…the kitty litter”

No matter what your political persuassion..No matter who you are rooting for…..just get out there and vote my friends.  This is one of the most important things you will do, maybe in your lifetime.  It’s become so important to yours truly that I am voting for the very first time at age 50.  I’m only telling you all this to hopefully inspire a few teetering on the fence to go to the polls with me.

Its embarassing I have to admit….I should have voted many times before but have never spent the time actually learning about what I was voting for in the past….I didnt’ feel qualified to make an educated decision..major confusion as it is this year as!.  I know many others that have done the same and it’s not a good excuse anymore.

So until Tuesday arrives (and maybe even I vote for Barkleigh and Bling..woo hoo!!! Anyone who votes for my kitty and panda here in the comments between now and election day will qualify for a beautiful fused glass pendant drawing which will take place at Midnight November 4th!!!!

Big hugs to everyone.  Personally I can’t wait till this crazy election is over.  It’s just dragged on too long hasn’t it?

On a different note……….heres a taste of some new goodies to come  tomorrow!!


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