Happy Monday my friends…a smile to start your week

Autumn in Chowland can be a frustrating time of year…my old girl Meg was sleeping in the chilly sun yesterday and I quick GRABBED the camera just in time to catch her getting up to shake all the maple leaves off her coat.  She was NOT amused at my being in her face with the lens.


Meg was a pretty good sport …I was laughing so hard I could hardly take the photos.  She was still in a sleep coma here and not sure why I was paying so much attention to her………..

Meg shaking off her nap

Until the leaf dipped down over one eye like a perfectly  placed Mae West hat!  She started yawning over and over to get it to move….finally she came to her senses and shook it off.

Meg shaking off her nap

Of course Meg and Lillian both got treats…..they always get treats for being cute…lol!

Have a wonderful week everyone.  New stuff being posted on the website daily!!!  http://www.graffitijewelry.com


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