More new Chowdren across the pond!! Vinnie X Abbi

Can you believe it???? Vincent has been gone for years now and in 2008 has sired 2 beautiful litters of puppies from his frozen “swimmers”. In the dog world we call these special babies “Pupsicles”. They were conceived via artificial insemination.

Pauline (Mayjo Chows) in the U.K. bred her beautiful girl “Abbi” and got an astonishing litter of SIX BOYS…4 roughs and 2 smooth coated babies which is a rare occurance when both parents are rough coats (long haired). Both mom and dad both have smooth way back in their pedigree so it looks as though these two nudenicks were wading in the smooth end of the genepool…lol! They are identical twins!!

The little fella just makes me chuckle at his BIG DOG expression and attitude in that little package. They are all stunning Pauline!!!! The only place I can fault them is that I don’t have one here to play with!!! LOL!

Congratulations on a job well done raising 6 such wonderful little men!! I can’t believe you got them to stay still for the photos.


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