And they call it “Puppy Love”…and a new Chow design

This weekend Steve and I got the chance to see a couple of our grandchowdren up in Vancouver WA and as you can tell, Steve and “Romeo” owned and bred by Rebecca Epstein hit it off especially well.  I call this photo “Puppy Love”

Torri Tjensvold who has one of Dianas boys ( Wyatt below) also got our Cairo all fluffed and buffed up for us to see (above).  Geesh she is just a big ole butterball and as sweet as ever.  I really miss that girl so much.  She is one of our Meg kids.

Wyatt at 12 months

Above as I mentioned is “Kipling” who is closely related to all of the above as well as the Martha Stewart litter in the last blog entry (via Vincent).  He just turned one year and is such a high spirited  boy who reminds me a lot of Vincent at this age.  I can’t wait to see how he matures in another 6 months.

Here is a preview of one of the  Chow designs to come after I return from Thailand.  I have a number of pieces close to ready that will be available the first part of October!!!!

Late summer harvest....see the bees?

And finally some stunning sunflowers covered with bees in Rebeccas garden!

Thanks for the fun day Rebecca and Torri.  The kids looked awesome!!


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