I spent the week working out a few new graphic designs to feature on all the panda wear and mugs etc
at Zazzle. I am proud to introduce to you our new “mascot” who I have officially named Xie Xie which means
Thank You in Chinese.
Thank you for your kindness to the people and creatures all over the world and Thank You for your friendships!!!!
You can click on any of the images below to bring you to my Zazzle store. By going to the product page you
can see all 56 available items at once or find your tribal shirts in their own categories
You will discover on in the store that the pastel tribal shirts display the pandas with the color of the T shirt tinting the white in the panda.
This was done intentionally using the colors of each logo for a subtle effect. Logos on the dark shirts I designed to keep the whites very white.
About Sandra Miller

Hi my name is Sandra Miller, artist, photographer, jewelry designer and animal lover. My husband Steve and I share our home and garden with an amazing Finnish Lapphund dogs named Ihana.

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