ROCKSTARZ & SEASTARZ – A new jewelry release coming this Wednesday

WHERE: at my Facebook group  THE BAMBOO TEAHOUSE-Sandra Miller Auctions

WHEN: 10 AM Pacific timezone on WEDNESDAY, MAY 8th, 2024

There will be a very limited offering of my new ROCKSTARZ & SEASTARZ – “stone inlay” Chow and “seaglass” Necklace sets available which will be SOLD INDIVIDUALLY at a fixed price (not an auction)

Full details, preview and pricing will be announced on Wednesday at 9:00 AM Pacific Timezone an hour before the sale


Inspired by my love for stone inlay jewelry and wood intarsia (inlay) designs, These beautiful Chows were created with layers of stone colors to mimic this look and accentuate the details of each piece. The natural and neutral colors as well as the Bohemian vibe of these sets are the perfect “go to” accessory for the 2024 season and will certainly turn heads, paired with your wardrobes from Spring through Winter .

Each of the pendants are different, created in stone inspired color combos and pebble patterns. They are created by hand, one at a time from polymer clay which I hand-mixed and blended to mimic real stone. I know “Its not nice to Fool Mother Nature” ……but I sure had fun trying. They echo everything from granite to sandstone, to agate and petrified wood. No two are alike.

  • The colors and textures and inclusions are all part of the actual clay and no paint is used. They are so incredibly light you won’t know you are wearing them . Hours of color blending, sculpting and lots of love go into every one of a kind necklace.

    Even the majority of the beads I created by hand to coordinate with both the Chow focal and the “seaglass” charm accents.
  • Each has a very long soft rolled leather necklace finished at the back with an adjustable slide that can go from as short as a choker, to as long as an opera length necklace (below the bustline) and any length inbetween! (ranging about 15-28″)
  • The time worn vintage style brass chain on the “seaglass” pendant is 18″ long
  • The back of each pendant is signed Sandra Miller and comes in a beautiful presentation /display box.
  • The extra special bonus is a stunning 18″ antique brass chain with an imitative “seaglass” (polymer clay as well) pendant to layer with your large necklace or wear separately. The word CHOW is impressed in the “glass” Everyone will be asking “WHERE DID YOU GET THAT?”

  • USA PRIORITY MAIL shipping will be added to the price
  • Ask me ahead of time for Canada and International shipping costs which can range over 40.00 USD plus any customs/taxes incurred on the buyers end. Contact Sandra here: [email protected]

The ROCKSTARZ in my studio as I put on finishing touches


In a pristine  coastal town nestled between rugged cliffs and endless stretches of sandy beaches, there existed a magical tidepool where extraordinary creatures roamed. Among these creatures were the RockStarz, a pack of Chow Chows sculpted entirely from exotic stones.

The RockStarz were not your ordinary canines;  each were adorned with organic rock patterns shimmering in sea dust and crystals that sparkled in the sunlight. Led by their fearless leader, Granite, they patrolled the tidepools with pride, their stone paws clicking softly against the smooth rocks.

One day, while exploring the tidepool, Granite and his pack encountered a group of enchanting SeaStarz, vibrant starfish that danced gracefully beneath the shimmering surface. Mesmerized by their beauty and intrigued by their underwater world, the RockStarz approached cautiously.

To their surprise, the SeaStarz welcomed them with open arms, or rather, open rays. Friendship blossomed between the two unlikely groups, and soon the RockStarz found themselves adorned with a special accessory – a starfish worn proudly on their hips, symbolizing their bond with the SeaStarz.

With their new friends by their side, the RockStarz and SeaStarz embarked on many adventures along the coastline. They spent hours scouring the beaches, searching for the elusive treasures of the sea – seaglass. Each smooth shard was a precious find, a glimmering gem hidden among the sand and pebbles.

Together, they navigated the crashing waves and explored hidden coves, their laughter echoing across the shore. The RockStarz, with their sturdy stone bodies, provided protection and guidance, while the SeaStarz shared their wisdom of the ocean depths.


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