FEELING BLESSED and other recent sculptures

It is so hard to believe that February is almost over! Time flies when the creative juices are flowing. I’ve been having the time of my life in the studio all month with creating Year of the Dragon orders and my most recent creation entitled FEELING BLESSED

FEELING BLESSED was inspired by Chinese folk art mud figures. The solid base I created of wood . The Buddha is only 3.5″ tall. This piece is sold but I will be taking very limited special orders for this Buddha and chow series. Stay tuned for more details.

The Legend of Xin Xin and Mei Mei

In the heart of a tranquil monastery garden, twin Chow Chows named Xin Xin and Mei Mei awaited the revered Buddhist monk’s blessing. As the sun cast its gentle rays upon them, the monk approached with a radiant gem of peace in each hand.

“With this gem of peace, may you always radiate tranquility and harmony,” the monk said. “May you be protectors and saviors, conquering enemies and bestowing freedom from suffering to all earths creatures.”

Placing the gem on their foreheads, the monk continued, “May you find liberation from negative karma and the chains of misery, ushering in joy and abundance for all beings.”

Xin Xin and Mei Mei felt the weight of the gem, imbued with the monk’s blessings. From that moment, they became beacons of peace, wandering the world as guardians of compassion and serenity.

ABOVE is my most recent auction that closed last night at THE BAMBOO TEAHOUSE on Facebook. A Foo Dog Chow necklace filled with color and bling.

And another fun piece sold at recent auction entitled THE MERMAIDS TALE

Sculpted earrings on the horizon!

And of course I wouldn’t forget beautiful Ihana. Have a great week everyone and keep an eye out on my AUCTiON page for new and exciting goodies!!


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