Dragons Breath and the Ancient Tree


Nothing like having the new year ushered in with the force of the Dragons’ Breath!!! Just as I was getting things ready for a sale at THE BAMBOO TEAHOUSE a winter storm blasted Portland with a vengeance!!! The temps dropped into the teens with 80 mph gusts which quickly took out our power. We decided to get a hotel room as it was far too cold to stay in our house with no way to heat it.

Ihana was such a good girl at the hotel but got bored very quickly with my playing “Photobooth” and “hide the treats in the blankets”

I finally put her dinner kibble in a water bottle and let her work for her supper to wear her busy body out! Success!

We were at the hotel for 4 days….WHY you ask???? See below

One of our beautiful Douglas Fir trees pulled up out of the ground crashing over our street and into the neighbors fence across the street. This tree was a behemoth hosting 2 centuries of critter families and providing shade and shelter for the neighborhood. I’m just sickend to lose her, but even more grateful nobody got hurt! I’ll get photos of the massive root when the ice storm passes. I know I will cry.

Not only did one intoxicated driver slam into our 200-year-old downed tree, but later another driver missed seeing it despite the police barriers.

But did Ihana give it another thought??? No way!

She was focused on her GOSPORTS Bully Stick Holder

I purchased this bully stick holder in Sept. 2023 to keep Ihana from gulping down the stick like they were candy. I worry about choking and have used a few other versions, but this one is by far the best I have used. It holds the bullystick very tightly when you screw down the top half of the bone as tight as you can get it. For thinner sticks I have wrapped a bit of cardboard around the section inside the bone to snug it up firmly

I usually buy BEST BULLY STICKS brand for this holder

The STANDARD and the THICK versions work very well in the LARGE holder which is what Ihana has

What used to take Ihana 5 minutes to scarf down, with me sitting on pins and needles hoping she won’t choke , now takes her about an hour of relaxing chewing time! She gets most of the bully stick chewed off (I center the stick in the holder) and then she works for a long time just chewing at and licking on the small bit inside the holder. When she finally is worn out and gives up I discard the small piece that is left over.

So now we are back home in our toasty abode and Ihana no longer needs to stare longingly at the mouse running across the snow at the hotel. We have an ice storm again tonight as a branch hits the roof while I’m writing……cringe….and Ihana is out of Bullysticks!!! .

I have some very fun goodies on the way. I kept busy with really cute dragon illustrations at the hotel and am almost finished up on the new sculptures as well (sale announcement to come)


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