Custom shirts! Your dogs’ photo with my art

Create custom shirts with YOUR PHOTO & TEXT

Everyone loves to customize using their own dog/pets photo, but many times the choices are limited or the process is too fussy or complicated. My aim here was to take all the guesswork out of customizing shirts (and other items eventually) with my custom art templates on Zazzle

  1. The most important part is to BEGIN WITH AN ALREADY SQUARE CROPPED PHOTO, which is easy to do from your smart phone or the many online free tools available. (or ask for my help)

    2. All of the shirt designs also have areas to CUSTOMIZE THE TEXT, or if you wish….simply DELETE the text An option which you will find under the PERSONALIZE THIS TEMPLATE link.

    3. Choose your shirt STYLE COLOR and SIZE

Above is a wonderful photo frame for all occasions

My personal favorite is the Year of the Dragon frame

This design features chow puppies of all colors , Chinese good luck coins, lanterns and a Dragon with her own Chow puppy too. Remember, START WITH A SQUARE CROPPED PHOTOS and its so easy to create your very own custom shirt, hoodie, jacket and more on the way!!

Have fun playing with these new designs and hopefully you will find the perfect match with your pet and my artwork!! If you prefer , just contact me and I can do the customizing for you at no extra charge. I have really been enjoying seeing what my friends and customers are coming up with as they post their new creations on Facebook!!!


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About Sandra Miller

My name is Sandra Miller and I love to ART. I enjoy my studio and home in beautiful Portland Oregon with my husband Steve and our charming Finnish Lapphund dog named Ihana