BINX and Fun Guy – BFF’s Forever

HAIKU by Ihana

FUN GUY exploring new horizons with his friend BINX

This beautiful little lady named BINX with eyes as wide as saucers, is my brother Dave and sister-in-law Margarets kitty. She looks amazing in her Fun Guy style chapeau, crocheted just for Binx by none other than my bro! The whole family has gotten into crochet and is coming up with some really cool critters and accessories. I just couldn’t resist sharing this precious photo of the gnome twins! Binx will be 17 this year….time for a PAWTY!!!

Binx helping Margaret with her new project

Are you searching for some entertainment for your canine and feline friends to do between their crochet and knitting projects? These silicone lick mats are a fun item that pets thoroughly enjoy!

Every morning at 7 AM , Ihana begs for me to mush some canned food, unsweetened peanut butter or cooked green beans on the mat with the back of a spoon. She will work for a good 1/2 hour getting every morsel off. Perfect for all sizes of cats and dogs and they are dishwasher safe too! An incredible value as well with TWO in a package!!!

CLICK HERE to find these affordable slow feeder/lick mats which Ihana can attest to, giving them TWO DEWCLAWS UP!!

A new Adventure for the NEW YEAR

Dear friends, I’m thrilled to share some exciting news—I’ve recently become a product Associate on my blog. Online shopping has been a true lifesaver for me with my ongoing vision challenges which restrict my ability to drive.. Amazon, in particular, has been my reliable go-to, offering an extensive range of products accessible from the comfort of my home and studio.

As someone who heavily relies on reviews to make informed decisions, I find immense value in sharing my own real world experiences through personal testimonials and reviews. Becoming an Associate enables me to bring my favorite finds and recommendations directly to you as I uncover special treasures. My criteria for selection not only prioritize quality but also place significant emphasis on value..

Throughout my blog, you’ll encounter occasional text links relevant to my art and musings. (No annoying popups etc…just a simple text link). The recommendations will span everything from pet supplies to gardening, cooking, clothing, plant shopping, art supplies,travel, and much more.

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I hope you enjoy reading about my FAVES and RAVES, and perhaps discover something you love too! Rest assured, all my recommendations are also IHANA APPROVED with 2 DEWCLAWS UP!!!

Happy shopping……Sandra


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