AKI CHOW and her Neko Kitty friend

AKI CHOW – Aki means Autumn in Japanese

In a serene Japanese garden, a Chow dog named Aki was the embodiment of autumn’s grace. Her lush, golden-colored fur mirrored the fiery leaves that blanketed the ground, creating a living canvas of warmth and tranquility.

Every day, Aki would find her favorite spot under the shadow of Mount Fuji, where she would sip tea, her wise eyes fixed on the distant peak, as if contemplating the mysteries of the world.

Maneki-neko , a playful feline, often joined Aki in her peaceful corner. With the crisp autumn air rustling through their fur, they shared moments of silent companionship, reminding each other of the beauty in simply being.

So many unique new items in the AKI CHOW Collection

Ihana thinks AKI is the best season of all

Below is an example of one of the beautiful new Desk Pads I have been designing along with a planner to the right. My wonderful friend Jan Lockhart took this photo for me to share to show these items in a real life setting. I think Jan has been shopping for my new box signs as well by the looks of it!! Thanks so much my friend!! These photos are always so appreciated.


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