NUBZ NATION – A new logo for a very special cause..a dog with no hind feet



This unique logo I designed for one incredible Chow mix who was missing his hind paws due to a terrible puppy mill situation.  Through the kindness and generosity of the Chow Chow Rescue of Central NY, his foster home,  and “Nubz” awesome adopted dad, James Havlinek,( not to forget the huge following of his “Nubz” fan club on Facebook), this puppy thrived on love and sporting custom prosthesis .  The touching  Facebook video created by THE DODO, that brought an overwhelming outpouring of support from “Nubz” friends and fans during and following  this journey from his outstanding  foster home out east, to his loving home with James in Oregon, is below for you to enjoy .  Nubz is now one year old!!!

It was brought to my attention earlier this year, that James had a deep desire to “pay it forward”, to help other chows with similar challenges, so I offered to design and donate a special NUBZ NATION logo to help the cause.  When I set out to create this design I had 3 goals in mind. 1. was to show of Nubz darling face and bum, 2. was to put emphasis on the prosthesis that allows him freedom, 3. was to make the design appropriate for everyone….women, men and children. 
  The next thing was “where to offer the logowear?”…..Well Zazzle seemed the obvious as I have had 10 years experience with my own Zazzle boutique, so this week I finished the NUBZ NATION fundraiser  Zazzle store for James and CCRCNY, and would love to invite you to take a peek!!!  100% of the profits are being donated by James Havlinek to the Chow Chow Rescue of Central NY to assist more chows with special needs.  Check out the links below





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