Getting some new jewelry designs ready for auction!

I’ve been tossing around a lot of ideas in my head regarding my polymer clay jewelry, with no real time to actually sit down and experiment. Having some down time from my art is actually a good thing……it just gives inspiration a place to sneak in and take control!  This druzy agate above I have been sitting on for a while, trying to best display the gorgeous crackle and color.  I think the choice of going with “faux bone” for the chow sculpture kept it simple and elegant with nothing competing. I’ll update here on the blog and on Facebook when the auctions are ready to list

(above is a video)
  I finally got back to this gorgeous cuff I started about a month ago and am almost ready to put it up for auction.   I still need to come up with a little “safety” latch at the back opening, and I am very excited about the antiqued metallic patina.


And here is Ihana after the unboxing of “her”  new hightop sneakers!  She is pretty excited to have me wear them on our walks  You can check out all the new sneaker designs AT THIS LINK



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