Laos – Our bungalow in Luang Prabang

3H3A4818 - Version 2

We sure love our digs here in Laos this week. Wow!!! This place is so serene and takes you away from the center of town (only about a mile away) to enjoy the river view and family gardens across the water. Roosters crowing everywhere, people chopping wood, monks chanting in the distance most of the day and night. It’s incredible!!!

3H3A4815 - Version 2

There 9 bungalows facing the river and 3 facing the garden.  We were given a larger room than we planned because of a conflict with our 2 double beds so we have a huge room with 3 singles.  Works for us!!

3H3A4827 - Version 2

The private balcony overlooks the river with a seating area a nice cushy floor mats for relaxing on

3H3A4826 - Version 2

Above is a wider view of the balcony.  Our breakfast is brought to us  in the morning at the time we specify on a chalk board in the office  bungalow each night.  What a feast we had today …photos to come!

3H3A4822 - Version 2

A view toward the foot/bike bridge



3H3A4812 - Version 2

This is part of the pathway that leads to our bungalow. Its a short walk down a winding path

3H3A4811 - Version 2

Steve heading down the path to our bungalow.  Notice the huge leaf impressions in the pathway.  I’d love to do this in my own garden!


Heading out for a day of fun in Luang Prabang!!

3H3A4810 - Version 2

The seating area by the office is just beautiful , surrounded by garden

3H3A4693 - Version 2

I have never seen a Crown of Thorns plant this huge before

3H3A4691 - Version 2

I think this is some sort of honeysuckle

3H3A4690 - Version 2

Beautiful lanterns lining the pathways

3H3A4689 - Version 2

Bikes are available to guests to ride into town which is about a mile away or a shuttle service is provided

3H3A4688 - Version 2

Orchids just drip from the trees everywhere


Such a stunning plant

3H3A4686 - Version 2

This was a favorite shot with the deep purple petals backlit to turn them cerise.  Love the bokeh in the background

3H3A4684 - Version 2

Here is a closeup of the leaf impressions that run all down the sidewalk between bungalows

3H3A4683 - Version 2

A view of one of the homes across the river from our guesthouse

3H3A4655 - Version 2

3H3A4654 - Version 2

The shuttle van.  Not bad for only having 12 guestrooms!

3H3A4652 - Version 2

Detail on one of the tables outside

3H3A4651 - Version 2

3H3A4829 - Version 2

The view from our balcony looking at the neighboring bungalows


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