PLEASE NOTE: Date change for the upcoming Trunk Show

Hello everyone!!  Just a quick note to give you all a heads up that the Trunk Show date has moved up from Tuesday, April 3, to WEDNESDAY APRIL 11th.

There will still be plenty of time for shipments to go out for arrival before the Chow National and it gives me an extra week to pull together my preview, photography of each item, and the writing of descriptions.   This year I will be showing all the descriptions with photos during the preview hours (to be announced soon)  on my photography website so everyone has time to read about the design process, check measurements on their favorite designs, etc .before the mad dash to purchase jewelry arrives in the evening.

THANK YOU to a special customer who pointed out that I go to all the work writing those detailed descriptions…. and most likely no one gets to take the time to read them for fear of losing their fave jewelry picks to someone else who beat them to the checkout line…lol!   Making it possible to view descriptions ahead of time involves extra time behind the computer for me to copy and paste text, and load the images twice,  but will be worth it.  I think you will really appreciate the new Trunk Show format!!

And MEET “LOTUS”  I got to meet my grand chow this week when our friend and brother Ekarat Sankunakup was visiting from Thailand to judge the Seattle dog shows.  He brought  Lotus with him to go to her handler’s home to get ready for her show career which starts in a couple of months.  Ek put my name on her as “co-owner” as a sweet gesture since our male Vincent sired this beautiful puppy.  Vincent has been long deceased but carries on through his frozen “assets”….lol!

I have lots of other photos from Eks visit and am photographing some special gifts he brought to show you later this week as well!! Stay tuned!!!  Lotus has been invited to come and visit for a day or two so grandma can get some really special photos of her.  This one above was taken in a really dark hotel suite, but you get the idea what a princess she is!!!  I sooooo miss having a puppy around!



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