Today is a beautiful August day on the Oregon coast, with so much to do its hard to know where to turn first.  We started the day with a visit to the Newport Farmers Market where all produce is local…and all craft items are local and handmade as well.

We met the most wonderful people here and I bought a wren house made of beach pebbles and driftwood as well as upcycled Tshirt scarves!!  More about these scarves and artisan treasures on my blog when I return home and have more time to elaborate and post their contact info.

When Captn’ bear saw the Barefoot Surf Boutique label he though for sure it said BEAR-foot, and proceeded to take off his pirate boots to show off his tootsies for his scarf modeling gig!  That crazy bear!!!  The artist gave me this gorgeous scarf for taking some promo photos of her art with their awesome kids….again, more later but I wanted to say THANK YOU again Barefoot Surf family, for the wonderful visit this morning and the scarf.  Will be sending all the photos mid week…I got some really  really REALLY cute ones.
This talented gentleman spends the winters creating birdhouses and signs from found treasures on the coast , then comes to the Newport Farmers Market to sell them.  This wren house he is holding is now MINE!!!!  The workmanship is fantastic and now I  am regretting not getting one of his signs. (contact info coming later)
This artist works in watercolor and has a very keen eye for color and movement.  I purchased those two koi cards she is holding and that basket is hand woven from sea grass….she makes those as well!!!!  (contact info coming later)

Then off to Agate Beach at low tide for some tidepool gazing.  Not as many starfish etc as this time last year but no matter…every day is unique at the Oregon coast and you just celebrate the little treasures you are gifted with by mother nature along the way

This  being one of those treasures…these artists were building a beach shrine of sorts……very fun to watch them putting it up.  I would have loved to have stayed longer to see how it turned out.  They were 2 of only 10 people at most on Agate Beach…..this is why we love this beach the best!
A pair of pug littermates were having the time of their lives in the water
I managed to find a starfish on the rocks, close enough to photograph without taking a head dive into the tidepools
If you are ever in Newport Oregon you MUST stop in for lunch here!!!!!
We shared a bowl of Roasted Garlic and Dungeness Crab soup…LOADED with crab meat!!!  OUTSTANDING
Next course we shared (or fought over..hee hee ) were the delicate steamer clams in wine,butter and garlic.  OOOOOH good!
And finally another shared treat…peel your own SPOT PRAWNS  from British Columbia.  They tasted exactly like lobster!!!
The batik on the restaurant wall was so delicious , I could have eaten that too!!!
And finally a walk around the fishing boat docks with some very nice light to photograph by!!!  We headed back to the room and Steves family arrived today  from their jaunt to the Oregon Dunes in the southern coast, so tomorrow we are up at 4:00 AM to get ready for our fishing excursion!!!
We hope you enjoyed the photos….I took many more that won’t fit on the blog post!!  Below is the entire set on my Flickr slideshow where you can see them all in one place!!


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