MIRROR MIRROR ON THE HOUSE…some fun finishing touches for our outdoor space

If I had the chance to do nothing but fixing up outdoor spaces  it would fulfill a lifelong dream!! There is nothing better than being outdoors AND being creative at the same time.  Incorporating the house, garden and “exterior decorating” to bring the indoors  “out” probably grew from my living in smaller homes (by choice) a good part of my adult life.  When the house is small, expanding into the great outdoors just comes with the territory


This mirror you see above I found at Target and it gave me the idea to paint my front entry gate black to match our front door.  The metal mirror shows through all those spiral cutouts and is 2 feet across.  It will be mounted to the gate once it arrives UPS!



Above is the real gate being painted a matte black finish…wow what a difference a coat of paint makes!!



And moving ahead with the “mirror” theme…I purchased 16 of these square black mirrors at Home Depot (on huge sale for 9.00 per 4 mirror pack) and am using them as a sort of “trellis” to open up the wall to the right of our living room window.  Below find a video I did last night showing  a bit more of how this looks as you move around the yard


Another spot on the house that was screaming out for a bit of art was by the front door under the light fixture.  Here I designed a piece of artwork which is being created in a large vinyl decal (like you see on cars) to apply to the mirror which has a black square iron tube frame.  Very zen like.  This mirror is 45″ long x 14″ wide.  This is just a photoshopped rendering of what it should look like once assembled and hung on the wall!


The decal was quite expensive to have the die made so now that the main expense is paid for, I thought I might make them available on the website soon.


ABOVE:  The house numbers arrived this weekend and they totally ROCK!!!  They did exactly what I had hoped by bringing the black down from the gutters to balance off the garage doors better

Behind the house is an interesting space to say the least.  The lot takes a sharp jog.  This is behind the garage where we have a contractor putting in a new awning for our dog grooming space.  This is just the framework before painting.  At the end of the awning the lot opens up into a huge wild space all fenced in 8 foot cedar fencing and a monsterous deck which I stained this weekend…….now THAT was a job!!


Today the painters returned to paint the awning framework in a matte black to match the front yard pergola.  Now the white fiberglass roof will be applied and that project will be done!!! Yay!!!!  I am so glad we went with black framing on this awning!!


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