TO EVERYTHING TERN TERN TERN….vintage garden art redo and deja vu too



This piece is about 5 feet long and is hand cut and welded brass.  For the past 12 years I had painted it coral and pink and it was called “ONE GOOD TERN DESERVES ANOTHER”.  I now need to re name it as it really represents the whole “Paint the house Orange” mission I have been on for years.     I introduce to you    “TO EVERYTHING…TERN TERN TERN” , and christen her with Judy Collins and Pete Seeger singing their stunning rendition of the Byrds classic hit

My mom just sent me these next few photos with the email title ORANGE on them and wow what a blast from the past.  Did I come by my love of color and orange honestly?  These were in our Simi California home in the early 1970s when “Persimmon” and Avocado” were all the rage and our family of artists thoroughly embraced the era!!  I often think of that beautiful poppy wallpaper in the kitchen and all the wrought iron in that house.  We had a sort of Mediterranean/Brady thing going on!!




There is my Mom , Eunice, with our 3 poodles.  Left “Velvet” Center my show poodle “Dandi” and Right was “Peppi” taken on our orange carpeted patio in her orange Eames Era chair in her orange slacks.  How classic and beautiful was this?  Thanks mom and dad for giving us kids such a great home and our great appreciation for the arts



A view of the kitchen in our California home.  One of Cher’s designers ended up living here after we moved out.  We loved this beautiful home , complete with huge pool!



Now on to matters at hand…Steve took this on Saturday as I was priming the arbor.  Does anyone know how to get Kilz primer out of hair???



I got up very early on Sunday morning to start my two coats of black paint. One coat before I went to the Rose Garden, the next coat in the late afternoon.  WOW this is pulling the whole color theme together.  A very Asian Inspired arbor now.   I have 3 more arbors/awnings left to paint!!!



Above is a closeup of the newly painted sculpture…the  bird doing his own THANG represents someone I know…lol!


I added 2 new Japanese lanterns into the beds near the house to pull some black around the windows.  I already had the shephards hooks and bought the gorgeous 18″ tall lamps at Marshalls for 8.00 each on the sale rack!!! The candles are the flameless LED kind that flicker.  I love them for their safety factor and they do look so real in the garden.



And we picked out our house numbers.  OMG  these are so cool and will line up vertically down down the center divider between the garage doors on the “Netsuke” colored trim.  An Asian/Contemporary/funky sort of look



I couldnt’ resist adding this shot.  Steve was enjoying our new garden retreat and Lil jumped into the loveseat beside him.  Gracie would have none of that and wanted to be the center of attention.  What a crew.  I love them all so much!!!


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