A VISITOR TO THE ORANGE HOUSE…Barklay makes himself at home



Now I can’t tell you if it’s the new Halloween  orange paint or some other kind of welcome sign that maybe Gracie painted that lured our neighbors black cat Barklay into the house, but he sure made himself at home in our bathroom today.!!  Gotta love that cat!!!



I opened the bathroom window to let the sill dry on this rainy blustry day, and in jumps Barklay !!!  The jays were screaming up a storm and dive bombing him and I think Barklay figured “HEY…any port in a storm”

Of course after a nice luvin up session the dude decided it was time to take a sit (I said “sit”) on my toilet and he looked around to scope the place out while I shut the bathroom door so the dogs wouldn’t see him.  The only reason he got in was because the storms were off for the painting.


After a ramble over the mosaic counter and a few purrs and meows for me…this got old and he was on to bigger and better things like terrorizing the jays again.  We love this cat and it was really so wonderful to see he feels comfie enough to wander by to say hello.  He is in such beautiful condition right now with a silky coat and muscled to the hilt from hunting all spring!  Thanks to our neighbors for “sharing” this handsome boy with us!!

Ok..now back to the house painting!!!!  Yesterday the 2 coats of body color were applied and WOW does that siding look almost new again!!! I never would have imagined it would look this even  and rich in color.  The paint will take a few days to darken up to the final color.  Right here it is brighter than it will end up like what happened on the sample painting.

Here is the garage before the gutters are painted.  We are trimming out the house with a 3rd shade so more left to be done on Monday …I’m in love with this color!!!  Next step is to get some cobalt and turquoise blue accents to go with this orange/red shade


They did such a super job of detailing the house.  I have never seen such a precise taping/masking job done


This is our living room window .  I’m so excited to get my plants up against the house again and just to the right of this window I am hanging a large piece of art in hot and cool shades to break up the orange area a bit.   It’s all going to look so awesome and not quite so orange orange  when I’m done.



You can see that purples blues and greens always do beautiful things to orange….and visa versa!!




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