Apologies for not keeping up on the blog on our National Specialty trip.  These dog shows are always so filled from morning to nighttime with events it is hard to  find time to do anything else but try to catch a good night’s sleep.  The show was a wonderful time seeing all the lovely dogs and connecting with friends, old and new.


I am starting to go through my pix and will do a couple of blog posts in the order they were taken.  This set is from our second day in Sonoma.  Incredible weather and gorgeous wines  are apparent in the photos.  You will see some incredibly old grape vines in these pix that look like tree trunks and my favorite shot of the day….the stone pizza oven in the image above literally lit up when the late afternoon sun hit it during a cloud break.  I could have stayed up on that hill till the sun set but we needed to head to the show site and start our Chow National adventure.   More pix to come…Italy is just around the corner too!!



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