No sooner do I get my clothes unpacked and washed and I am off and running again…..on my way to Italy and the Italian National Chow Specialty.  The entry is phenomenal and the weather promises to be sunny and in the 70’s .  Ideal Chow weather AND travel weather too.

I’m on the plane using the on board wife heading to NY, then transfer to Milan.  Talk about a great way to while away the time being able to do my blogging and Facebook stuff.   I thought you all might like to see some of the photos I took at the CCCI National last week so here goes

Above is one of my favorite photos of the week.  This dog was sired by our smooth dog using our frozen collection from “Derek”

National BISS AM CAN Champion, Chinarose A Ladies Man OFA ROM

Its the second time I have had the honor of having my hands on this dog and now in maturity, in my eyes he is hard to fault.  I told Bill there is something about this dog when I am around him, I feel honored to be in his presence.  It’s just that quiet dignity and lovely breed type that makes me feel that way.  Steve and I are very proud grandparents!!

Then there were the “G” Littermates….Our Miss Gracies siblings!!!  Above is “Gretzky” owned and loved by Bob and Love Banghart and of course bred by my bestie….Diana Hillygus

And the ever munchie huggable and Gabbilicous “Gabby” , adored by her owner Layla Loveless.  Gabby and Gretzky are both Champions and well on their way to their Grand Championships as well.  Diana  and Jim, you should be so incredibly proud!!

Enjoy the slideshow below.  The indoor photos are not the best because of the lighting, but the outdoor shots turned out to be some of my best Chow images yet.  Thank you everyone for humoring this crazy photographer and letting me take photos of your dogs…..many will end up being incorporated in future artworks!!!  MANY MORE PHOTOS FROM THE U.S. NATIONAL WILL BE ADDED TO THIS ALBUM WHEN I RETURN FROM ITALY

Much more to come……I will update next from Milan!!  Ciao my friends!!

PS Jan Bruton….we have some serious catching up to do as soon as I get back!!! SMILE!


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