December 27…Chow puppy day!

Oooooh there is nothing better than being up to your ears in chow babies and yesterday was that day!! Our friend Ek brought his 7 puppies from 3 litters, all around 3 months old to the Rose Garden and we had a mini dog show!  Steve and I went over each freshly fluffed and buffed baby, took photos and watched them move along with 2 friends visiting  from Manila…Owen and Chris.  It was great getting to know these two wonderful chowists as well!

We took a ton of pix, but fast moving babies in the shade can make for some less than perfect photos but cute is cute…no matter how blurry those happy wagging butts are!

I have more photos I will add to this page but am working with a low battery right now.  Need to recharge then will let you know when the others are added in.

Tomorrow we leaave Thailand (waaaaaaaaa) and fly to Bali (excited ) and we are so grateful to our wonderful host Ekarat for the perfect time we spent with him in both Chiang Mai and Bangkok.  He ordered the best weather we have ever had in SE Asia and treated us to an incredible stay.  The massage and foot massage yesterday at his spa was world class….. didn’t want to leave the table…..literally melted me!  Ek, your hospitality and kindness were most appreciated by Steve and myself.  We would never have known about so many Thai foods and aspects of your culture without you there!!!  Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

There are also a few pix from the Rose Garden Resort in the mix below.  Such a beautiful location …peaceful and tranquil.

See you all in Bali!! Thank you so much for visiting us and your comments on the blog and Facebook!!!!!!  Love, Sandra and Steven

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