THE DOGS OF ENP and we reached our goal to adopt Bai Xue!

Happy Sunday everyone.  I’m out of town at the moment and not able to do much emailing so I decided to do a quick blog post here thanking all of you who responded so quickly to my update about the Bai Xue adoption outreach!! Thanks to all our ‘den’ members we have reached the $500.00 for our adoption of this dear old girl via Pandas International.

As soon as I return home in a few days I will be emailing all the participants with details.  Carrie at PI has been informed of our great success and will be pulling together the paperwork for us soon too!! THANK YOU ONE AND ALL!!!

ABOVE: FOUNDER OF ENP “LEK” heading out to mingle with her herd….dogs in tow looking for a few treats to drop from her bag

As long as I’m here……I couldn’t resist posting a few of my hundreds of photos from Elephant Nature Park in Chiang Mai Thailand.  Instead of focusing on the Ellies…..these images feature just a few  the canine members of the ENP family which for the most part were rescues .

Another handsome dog who loved to play billie goat on the picnic tables.

Bill…..This was the dog I said you would like….isn’t he lovely????? Such expressive eyes

This was the SADDEST expression I had ever seen.  It was siesta time in the hot afternoon when I took most of these shots and the dogs were saving their energy…..very still and easy to photograph!

This is Mookie!!  The most distinguished dog at ENP with his dapper beard!  Mookie just had a bubble bath in the river and was drying off in the shade and rubbing his face all over the wood floors. What a character he was.  I really wanted to take him home with me

As was on our last visit to ENP….the rescued creatures, great and small…..all getting along so well….healthy and safe under the wings of their volunteer angels and staff

If you have been trying to email me the past couple of days, I will be replying to all my emails today.

Big hugs from on the road!!!   Sandra


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