REALLY we are still alive and doing great but WIFI stinks in Chengdu

Hello everyone and thank you so very much for all your comments!! As soon as we visit an internet cafe we will do a very thorough update with pix .  In the mean time keep checking the video and audio updates .

Last night we had a blast at the Sichuan Opera with Mickal , his wife and their little daughter Minnie.  I have such cute video of her entertaining us at the vegetarian restaurant last night before we  went to the opera.

Today was Panda day at Bifengxia and I have a long story to tell, but the short version is we have some great pix and picked out our panda to adopt and her name is Hua Bao.   We also have to pick our group adoption pandas fromthe photos so stay tuned!!

I see we have had more contributors to the adoption fund and THANK you so much .  I will write each of you soon to let you know I got your paypal payment.

For now I’ll sign off but will have much more tomorrow after we return from Chengdu Panda base.  We are off in search of a supermarket for wine and relax for the nite.  I’m so sorry there are no pix yet but we will hit a real internet cafe tomorrow to do all our updates.

Luv and panda hug……Sandra and GAyle…Steve I miss you …you would have loved the panda we got to pet !!!!!


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