SWEET XMAS SURPRISE FROM CHENGDU…new travel media center on blog

Some gifts are just TOOOOO precious and need to be shared!! Right belore Xmas I recieved a little phone recording from my guide in Chengdu China of his daughter “Minnie” playing a classical Chinese instrument. You gotta see this video below and his reply to me asking permission to post on the blog. Mickal, you are a lucky daddy to have such a gem of a girl. What a talent she has and she looks just like you!!!

From Mickal

“I am very exciting to read the mail which your feeling about my daughter palying that you told.
Also I am very proud of the video if your reader can see it,her English name is Minnie which she loves to watch Mickey Mouse cartoon and also like name of the girlfriend of him.Her Chinese name is Chen Peng Yu or  Yu Peng Chen with your language habit.”


And below you will find what I have been feverishly working on for the blog to make each of my posts while I travel, contain my current video clips, audio updates and the map where I am currently updating from!!!   This is all so exciting and I am trying to get all my ducks in a row NOW , so I won’t have to rush with writing code at the last minute.  All important info will be conveniently placed at the end of every travel post.

Comments will still be where they usually have been but below the MEDIA CENTER  Let me know if you have any troubles with Youtube or Ipadio.  Now is the time for me to fix any bugs.

I actually opened a new You Tube account just for my travels .  If you want to subscribe to my video channel you can click HERE

Much more about our upcoming journey this week.  Have an awesome weekend all!!!!!


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