Hello my friends!!! Are you recovered from your virtual jet lag yet????  I am surprisingly wired today and ready for some art action !!! I think all the inspiration from this journey is like putting a fire under me.  Below is a  project I have been working on for some time now and had planned to introduce these beautiful handbags before I left for Egypt but didn’t have the time.

"Boo Baby" sling style designer handbag by Sandra Miller by you.

Well today I decided to at the very least get them up here on the blog for your consideration.  They are absolutely the nicest quality product and are each made to order by hand.  I’m very pleased to have been accepted as an affiliate designer by the company who will be fabricating and shipping for me. I am keeping the limited  editions low so your bag will be unique and not seen everywhere.

If you wish to order one of these beauties before I get them posted on the site which will be later this week….., please contact me at [email protected] and I will  send a paypal invoice to you right away.


SLING BAG  $85.00

BUCKET BAG (microfiber)  $110.00

BUCKET BAG (black leather)  $160.00

Orders take up to 3 weeks to fill right now.  The closer to the holidays the longer it may take.

How are images made and how durable are they?
Images are actually “baked” into the fabric through what is known as a sublimation process. This sublimation process actually embeds the image into the fabric. The result is an extremely clear image that will not fade, crack or peel.

"Boo Baby" sling style designer handbag by Sandra Miller by you.

Tomorrow is photo uploading day from the trip so I’ll have lots of fun updates coming soon!!!! Thank you all so much for your wonderful emails and posts on the blog while we were gone.  I am organizing the goodies for the drawing so stay tuned!!

About Sandra Miller

Hi my name is Sandra Miller, artist, photographer, jewelry designer and animal lover. My husband Steve and I share our home and garden with an amazing Finnish Lapphund dogs named Ihana.

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