10-4-09 in Beunne France heading south

Hey my friends

Our Internet is bad here in Beunne ( pronounced boon) so I hope I can post all the pix like I have been but at the very least I can post iPhone pix from yesterday. Being a travel dY there is less to show. The one photo attached is of the French alps from the plane

. The iPhone images aren’t as good but will still give you a feel for the area. We had the most aweso
e dinner last nite and looking forward to the b&b grub.

Diana we have gps on our iPhones but no signal so all of our moments till we got of pAris were “which way do we go” moments. Lol.

You would haved loved my comment to Steve about how nice I was being about his fiddling with his phone to get it to work in paris traffic. I told him he didn’t want to be around when the “nice” wears off. Lol

so excited to see you all here. The regulars and new commentors too. Wow it’s amazing driving by all these medieval towns. Each as charming as the next. This area is like no place I’ve seen before.

Just as unique and full of history as Egypt and turkey. We have already seen a number of roman aquiduct ruins on our drive down here. The plan today is to take all backroads To really see the countryside

If we can get the router to work before we start driving this am I will post the awesome pix I took yesterday on this update. Otherwise tonite I’ll have a better connection for posting images


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