9-20-09 FROM ONE ADVENTURE TO ANOTHER..enroute to Amsterdam!

Hello my friends!! Well my boy is hitched and the wedding went off without one  as a matter of fact!!!  Absolutely gorgeous 80 degree day with not a cloud in the sky.  Bryan and Kate looked so awesome and it was quite the thrill seeing so many people I hadn’t in many many moon….as well as meeting Kates wonderful family for the first time…and I miss you to pieces already mom , Liz and Bry!!!  It was too short of a visit but I’ll be back soon!!

Bryan and Kate are married. The happy couple and immediate family

Above….Kate and Bryan taking their vows

The reception went late into the morning hours but we left about 10:30 in hopes of avoiding any hangovers or sleep deprevation before our long journey

Bryan and Kate are married. The happy couple and immediate family

The newlyweds and immediate family

My son the happy groom

Nothing makes a mom happier than to see her son this happy too!!

Reception before the feast

The reception was awesome!! Kates mom made these table runners from yummy leaf print fabric!

I wanted to post more photos but only have a few Iphoto images you see above that will load to the blog..having a slight techincal difficulty but will fill you in more in about 12 hours when we arrive in Amsterdam.

Amsterdam 04

We have an 8 hour layover there and access to the World Perks lounge (woo hoo) so will have WIFI up the wazoo to blog to my hearts content !!!  Can’t wait to raid the cheese bar in the airport.  My friend Jan in PDX knows only too well the extremely aged gouda we love to bring home ever time we pass through Amsterdam.  Jan, get your water crackers ready.  In less than a month we will pass through again and get all cheesed up for the flight home!

Till later…luv Sandra and Steve

My mom and one of her papillons

My mom and her papillon Lulu

My mom and one of her papillons

A beautiful porcelain bowl my mom made and gave me!! Thank you mom!!! I absoolutely love the new work she’s doing in her kiln


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