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This same info can be found on the link at the top of the page called TRAVEL INFO under the JOURNEYS tab on the GRAFFITI GOSSIP BLOG

I wanted to make it easy for everyone to figure out the recent updates to the layout of the blog since I did it so close to our trip.  I hope this helps simplify the flow of the site and encourage lots of interaction during our adventure.

Picture 3

And have you all been watching the news today.  Istanbul got hit with a devastating flood caused by record setting rains.  Click photo above to see the rest of the story on CNN online.  Those poor people!! Our hearts go out to the families and victims of this flood.

Steve and I are keeping a close eye on the situation and are prepared to change plans to visit Istanbul and choose another location, in the event that travel advisories recommend to not visit Istanbul in 3 weeks.


On a happier note…I announced the winners of the WORLDCHOW PHOTO CONTEST today!! Come on by the magazine and read all about it!!



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