TIE ONE ON THIS WEEKEND…new line limited production chow chow neckties!

I’m sure a number of you reading this are familiar with my Chow necktie painting days about 15 years ago. I adored hand-dying those stunning silk ties with imported French dyes, steaming them for 24 hours in my homemade steaming tower to set the dyes….and then ironing out the wax from the batik process.

Seeing the Chowboys (the men wearing my ties) in the ring was such a thrill, and even today, I see show photos showing up on the internet and kennel websites of my ties proudly being worn by their “owners.”
So out of the blue, my good friend Lene in Sweden…a wonderful chowist, wrote me a letter with a suggestion I might create more “wearables” for the men….including neckties, tie tacks, etc.  Lene didn’t know about my previous “ties” with chow men’s wear, as we only met last year.  I am so grateful to you, Lene, for writing because it reminded me how much I miss doing neckties and  that Zazzle allows me to create my ties….just in a different way
Beautiful Dreamer chow tie tie
I quit painting ties because I became very allergic to the French dyes in their raw form and was absolutely heartbroken I had to retire my silk-dying equipment.
My new style involves no dyes but is a fusion of my original watercolors, hand-created batik backgrounds, and a dash of textile design skills I picked up along the way.  The style is completely unique and will always get a second glance and compliments (That second glance never hurts in the dog show ring!)

It takes me hours of extra work to design the focal point and the backgrounds going up the tie to create an eye-popping… crowd-pleasing wearable art fashion statement!!!!.


Most designs will be available for ONLY ONE MONTH from the release date.   After that, the design will be retired from the website to keep your awesome tie as exclusive as the jewelry I sell. This way, a very  limited number of ties will be produced for each design

These ties are 100% polyester with a very soft silky “hand” and more durable than the silk I previously used


If you purchase any ties from the site, I would love to see photos of the ties on the recipient if you get the chance!

There are many more designs to come, including other dog breeds and more pandas, too!!  There will also be a more “conservative” line of designs, but this bold, in-your-face (on-your-chest) artwork has always been my signature tie trademark!!!

Have a fantastic weekend, my friends




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