RANDOM FUN..Pan-mail, Chow bus and new stuff

Is this too funny??? Earlier this week my son sent me this photo and I fell over laughing.  What a random thing to find on a bus in “somewhere” Asia.  It’s acutally a pretty nice looking Chow.  A friend on Facebook suggested I buy my own bus and airbrush it while Steve is out of town on one of his business trips.  This could be like a bad episode of THE PARTRIDGE FAMILY GOES TO THE DOGS.. lol!

My panda mail box in full bloom!! by you.

And here is my Panda Mailbox in it’s glory.  Pretty much every flower is opened now  and the mailman can  even sniff the flowers before he drives off.  This display has almost caused accidents when people stop in mid traffic

LUCK BE A LADY  fused glass and chartreuse turquoise from Hong Kong by you.

Above is a ladybug pendant I just finished , suspended from wonderful large nugget of chartreuse turquoise which I purchased at the Hong Kong Gem and Jewelry show .  This will be available on the site later this weekend  with a few other fused glass treasures

MINDI PANDA AND HER BINDI BIRDS..fused glass necklace by Sandra Mlller by you...

And last but not least…I’m sorry this one won’t be available but I had to show it to you all.  Mindi Panda and her 3 Bindi Birds highlight this stunning artisan neckpiece!! I’m working on 2 others with a similar style pendant which will be available soon

My white coneflower is starting to bloom by you.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!!!  Tomorrow we go to the International Pinot Noir  Celebration

as we do every year in July.  We don’t participate in the entire weekend of festivities (its insane) but we love the grand finale tasting and gourmet food event under the shade trees in the heart of Oregon Wine country…I can hardly wait!!.  Wlll have lots of pix to share!!!


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