REMEMBERING….my birthday..and the Sichuan Earthquake

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Who will ever forget May 12, 2008………..certainly not me.  I woke up last year to my 50th birthday and the horrendous news that the place I had just visited 2 months prior…….Sichuan, China was devistated by an earthquake.  People and pandas displaced, killed and injured.   This day was a pivotal moment in my life for many reasons.  YOu can hear the podcast below to find out more.

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Well today….my 51st birthday is more the way I like to spend my special day (actually I think of ALL of May as “my” month….I just love May!!)   I havent’ changed much over the years as you can see in the awesome photos my mom has been restoring of the family.  I have always adored flowers , pretty packages and animals from the day I was born

sc01b698b1.jpg by eunice messer.

Here I am on my FIRST birthday ….mom I don’t ever remember seeing these pix before…what a treat

Happy Birthday  Sandy  1 yr by eunice messer.

And how in heavens name did we ever survive our childhoods I sometimes wonder? LOL!  This car seat below mom says only had a strap around the waist the size of a dog collar and just hooked over the FRONT seat with no tie downs.  What a blast from the past!

Sandy 7 mo by eunice messer.

Below…more flowers!  My mom made pretty much all my clothes and I was always wearing a hat of some sort…hmmmmmm …..maybe thats where I got my hat fetish from???

Sandy  2 ys   by eunice messer.

I”m not sure if the mama kitty was “Billie” or “Sammy” but these kittens are soooooo adorable .  We had Siamese cats for years until we moved back to Minnesota in the 70’s

Sandy   litter of Siamese kittens by eunice messer.

Below….so for now I will sign off cuz I’m “GONE FISHIN” , taking down my shingle for the day and heading outside to celebrate my birthday with Ma Nature in the garden.  It’s 50, a bit chilly ..but the sun is out AND ITS MY BIRTHDAY!!! Wooooo Hooooo!!!

sc0258a9d3.jpg by eunice messer.

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