TGIF…some garden images from this morning

New blooms in the spring garden today

We have a forecast here in Portland for a glorious weekend ahead in the 70’s and SUNNY .  I have big plans to fire a load or two of glass to finish up my Chow pendants as well as get my hands dirty doing some gardening.

You can see a few of my blooms from this morning’s garden stroll

New blooms in the spring garden today

I’m crazy about sweet violets. I brought these home from my mom’s house 2 years ago and they are taking a foothold

Spring scene in my garden sparrow keeps an eye on me

This baby song sparrow has just found his wings.  He stared at me for the longest time as I photographed him

New blooms in the spring garden today

These flowers above have naturalized all over my garden and I welcome the invasion!

New blooms in the spring garden today

Like the trillium I showed you all earlier…..this bloom above was a resident when we moved in

Spring scene in my garden today..nutty squirrel wants those sunflower seeds

My well trained squirrel..this is one of the girls who I think is preggie…caught her in the “act”…lol

Meg's go an itch

And old Meg sitting in the sunshine having a good scratch!


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