STEVE’S BAILOUT PLAN…His surprise to me on Friday’s roadtrip

Me at the Oregon Coast today

We had such a super time at the coast today. I can’t believe how much we fit in in a day’s time. Steve shocked me at lunch….find out what it was about mid video. More photos from the day below!  Turn your volume on.!!!


At  the Tillamook Air Museum , Oregon ..on the way to the coast

Above is Steve in a WWII plane cockpit. His “bail out” from work “theme” today carried through all day long!!! This was at the Tillamook Air Museum which was our first stop of the day……..well AFTER breakfast that is

A visit to the Tillamook air museum, Oregon

My wonderful friend Brenda Buechler in Alaska sent me this teeny weeny panda (no more than 3″ long) a couple of weeks ago and this was “Ping’s first roadtrip.  She was so well behaved at the air museum we bought her an airplane of her own at the museum gift shop. It’s the kind you pull backwards then let go and it rolls forward with the propeller whirling.  Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

On the way to the Oregon Coast today

This was the new Honda Accord’s first road trip too , other than to the wineries.  This car handles so well on the mountain roads. We are super happy with our car choice so far.

At the Oregon Coast today

The weather was GLORIOUS…and that’s not always the case on the NW coast this time of year.  In the 60’s, sunny, hardly a breeze….but still a bit chilly walking down the beach.  There was hardly a soul out there which was fine with us.

The Obligitory gull shot at the Oregon Coast today

The obligatory seagull photo.  We had beautiful light all day . This guy felt gipped we didnt’ feed hiim

On the way to the Oregon Coast today..the birch trees looked like clusters of snow covered branches

One of the most beautiful sights on the drive through the coastal mountain range were the birch trees with chartreuse buds getting ready to pop open.  They stands of white trunks absolutely GLOWED in the mid morning sunshine. I took this while we were moving.

At the Oregon Coast today

Walking stick serves dual duty…..writing love letters in the sand!

At the Oregon Coast today

ONe of our favorite sights on the Oregon Coast

At the Oregon Coast today

This boat came zipping in from the ocean and plopped itself on the shore the moment we stepped onto the beach

Getting into my photography on the beach.  All bundled up like a Ninja turtle on my back

Steve took this of me really getting into my photography.  I was trying to photograph a piece of driftwood (above) from a different perspective.  I looked like a Ninja turtle stranded on it’s back in this photo I was so bundled up.  It was hard to get back up!

At the Oregon Coast today

Needless to say…….it was a BIG day and I will fill you in more about that wonderful surprise in the video above in the next post!!!!

Have a great weekend everyone!!!


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