Wiggly Giggly “Broken Glass” Jello Adventure continues!!

As promised…below is the progression so far of this fun experiment in fused glass bliss!!  The first layers before the firing are pictured in the graphic below. Keep scrolling to see the panel as I got it out of the kiln this morining at 5;00 AM!! I couldnt sleep thinking about what it was going to look like….the downside of firing overnight!!! But the again I’m not tempted to peek when it’s too hot and ruin a batch

Broken Glass Jello® experiment in fused glass PHASE ONE

BELOW  is the 10″ panel as it looks this morning which at this point  has now gone through 3 firings in a 1500 degree kiln. I’m thrilled at how close this effect is to the actual look of the Broken Glass Jello recipe!!

I put a few other experiments into the kiln that are similar but not nearly as convincing although pendant worthy in their own right!!

Broken Glass Jello fused glass after 3 firings

When held to the light these little wiggly jiggly looking gelatain squares are completely transparent with the exception of the “blueberry flavor” and of course the opaque white which makes the colors absolutely POP!!

I will be separating out this single panel into individual pendants today.  There will be 2 or 3 more firings before the individual pieces are ready to apply bails and any other embellishments…more pix to come !!!!

Broken Glass Jello fused glass after 3 firings



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