Shu embrodery images from my 2008 China trip

It seems impossible to believe it has been almost a year since Diana and I traveled to Thailand and China for the panda adoption!! Today I was contacted by Korean Air Lines to feature one of my Chengdu images on the cover of their February inflight magazine (WOOO HOO) so I had to go digging in my archives for the full resolution copy.

Shu Embroidery from Chengdu China 2008

While I was rooting around I discovered I  had hardly put a dent in getting many of these photos worked on in Photoshop and posted in my albums.  This grouping from the Shu Embroidery Factory in Chengdu China were some particular favorites.  This is all hand worked with split silk threads and embroidered on BOTH sides of the see through silk!! The panda panel above was massive and stood taller than me

Shu Embroidery from Chengdu China 2008

Look at the delicate blending on this cicada and leaf

Shu Embroidery from Chengdu China 2008

And the parrot was a sight to behold.  Every feather perfect

chucockerShu Embroidery from Chengdu China 2008

This is not machine made.  We watched the ladies working on the embroideries one stitch at a time from a faded photo by their table

Chengdu Lantern Festival 2008

Above a stunning display of lights at the Chengdu Lantern Festival


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