Tell me your favorite childhood Xmas/holiday gift

Inspired by a recent “getting to know you” thread on the Pandas Unlimited forum. As a result of a massive flood of childhood memories from answering some questions on that forum …I would love to share with you my favorite childhood Xmas gift and hope you share yours in the comments section too!!

Gaylord the Walking Basset Hound

This is Gaylord the Walking Basset Hound!

QUESTION: Favourite gift received as a child?
A mechanical dog that walked  in the early 60’s.  It looked like a full sized basset hound puppy.  I was about 5.  I remember his name was “Gaylord the walking basset hound” by Ideal toys

OMG.. I just found him online..I am getting my Gaylord back!!
I remember watching this commercial and pretending I was Gaylord.  My parents couldn’t get me up off of all 4’s for days.  I barked instead of talking and mom can laugh about it now but they were really worried about me…lol!     I wanted that toy sooooooooooo bad
Check out the old commercial..priceless and what a memory jogger!

Now I would LOVE to hear about your most memorable gifts recieved and I will research any I can and post links to them here too!  This should be fun to see what made you all tick as kids!!

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