So much for “Get out the Vote”…..

So much for “Get out the Vote”!!!   I’m all for the “Stay in and Vote” method!! WOOO HOOOO.

Oregon residents and many others now get to do like I just did…Chill out in my zebra blankie…surrounded by my dogs , while I tick off my choices on my ballot….or in some cases “get ticked off” at my ballot choices…lol!

Voting Time!!

You dont want to miss this non partisan message I was sent today..OMG so cute!!

Click the arrow on the YouTube video to start

It’s good to get this done!  Are ya liking my nerdie purple polkadot glasses?  They help me visualize a perfect world no matter who gets elected… hee hee!  I guess they really should be “rose colored glasses”.

Voting Time!!

Happy Elections folks!!! And seriously..get out to vote tomorrow and be sure to vote for Barkleigh and Bling in the previoius blog post to qualify for a pendant drawing on election day!!!!


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