How to string an assymetrical bead..and storage sources

Wow..yesterday I got such a wonderful response to my post and so many interesting questions that I decided to dedicate this blog entry to answering a couple of your comments.

Below  is my answer to Nancys frog bead question

“I have a couple of those frog beads and other than earrings I am totally blocked with what to do with them to really make them the main object of the item. Just a total mind block, I’ve ripped apart everything I tried with them. Any quick ideas?”

How to string an assymetrical bead OPTION TWO

How to string an assymetrical bead OPTION ONE

Also from Nancy and Jan

“Are those your  nails in the frog bead photo and how to you open jump rings and keep them looking nice etc.”

Yes, those are mine but they are admitedly acrylic.  I have my nail gal “Ann” put the white french tip on almost half way down the finger.  She then cuts them only about 1/8″ long which leaves a ton of white on the the illusion they are really long.

When she does nail art on them she puts a coat of UV curing gel over the top instead of topcoat and cures in a mini UV “booth”.  The result is almost indestructable nails.  Also the nails are pretty thick.  It’s the only way I could have them.

Had my nails done yesterday

Jumprings are always opened with 2 pliers since I have had the nails.  The thing that really does them in is the glass grinders and saws.  The glass dust is so abrasive even with gloves.  It eats the life right out of my skin too….see my poor wrinkled hands…need lotion !!

Ok…now the organization drawers!!!  I wanted to give you all my source for these drawers since I did a lot of research finding the right thing. If you decide to purchase these 60 drawer units by Stack On…get them at KMart.  They are only 16.99 and right now if you buy a few units at a time..SHIPPING IS FREE!!  I found these exact same drawers online for 40.00 and up so this is the BEST PRICE anywhere. CLICK HERE FOR THE 60 DRAWER UNIT Kmart also carries other sizes for bigger beads. CLICK HERE FOR THE LARGER DRAWER UNIT

Sears also carries the drawers but it’s hit and miss.  If you want the drawer dividers and I highly recommend you get them to maximize your drawer space (each can be divided into 2 or 3 sections) can also get them at Kmart  CLICK HERE

Hope this helps some!! Sorry I can’t be more help to the bead junkies who commented.  I’m afraid I’m guilty of enabling you all with Bead Bowl crack!!!  We are all hopeless!!

Thanks for all your comments you guys!! It’s awesome to see everyone here having fun!


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