A new home for my computer and office!!

I am sooooooooooo excited you guys!! Our Mac computer is on it’s last legs and this week I went out and got a new  Mac Mini for my business.  I already have a fairly new huge flat screen monitor and  new keyboard so I am good to go!! I have been itching to upgrade my Photoshop program but the old computer just couldn’t handle it.  OMG how much fun this is going to be……..with a VIEW to boot!!

Clearing a space for the big computer move to the studio!

The best part is I am making the BIG move from having my computer in the separate office at the far end of the house, to having it right in the middle of my studio workspace!!!

I have wanted to do this for years but there just wasn’t enough room for the giant computer tower and all the other stuff that went with it.   When I moved all my glass working paraphenalia out to the workshop, it opened a massive space for me to put my new office

The fun part will be when I hook up a live studio cam on the computer and you can watch me do tutorials etc…and LIllian and Meg (the dogs) can say hi too!!


Did I wake you up Lillian?

I love this huge window.  I can watch my hummingbirds all winter from here and the dogs love to sit on the mats in the pouring rain outside.  They stay dry as a bone because the Douglas Fir trees protect them.

Will update with pix of the finished office space this weekend.


Liz and I both bought one.  It’s HEAVY and made of stone.  Every single place we have traveled in Asia, this is the position the hands are in when someone presents you with a business card….and usually a slight bow of the head  to go with it.  Very respectful and a wonderful custom to adapt here I think

My new business card holder from the JJ Market in Bangkok


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