CHOWTIME…new bead bowl and finished panda necklace

Whew..I spent the better part of last week and through today and beyond Im sure , reorganizing my thousands of varieties of beads I’ve collected over the years.  I purchased 12, all new 60 drawer cabinet units (the kind you buy for nuts and bolts for the garage) and am in the process of organizing by color (again).

That’s  720 drawers which all divide up into 3 sections on each drawer…that makes 2160 sections…and that doesn’t put a DENT in what I still need for my collection .  I’ll send pix as soon as I get my studio back into shape later this week…..oh gawd I HOPE it’s in shape by then!!

It’s amazing how out of control these little buggers can get when I get even a tiny bit behind in keeping up with putting away the newer purchases or for that matter putting back the beads from my necklace projects etc IMMEDIATELY after I use them.


Chowtime ..bead bento bowl and pendant

Well in the process I’ve been unearthing all sorts of fun stuff.  It takes all my will power to keep from just sitting and playing with my “new” found beads instead of releasing them into the world to my good friends and customers via my TRAVEL BEAD BENTO BOWLS.  The only consolation is I get the joy of seeing you all happy and creating  with these little treasures too!!!

Above is just one example of something I found that I  made a few years ago and had safely packaged away.  This little Chow dog fetish style pendant is SO cute.  They took such a long time to make and are only 1″ long!!!


Come on by the website where this beautiful set INCLUDING the penant and Chow earring beads that I designed are available for purchase.  If I had strung this set myself with earrings it would have sold for over 100.00….a great deal as are all of my combos I will be listing this week and in the weeks to come.

Also, below you will find how I ended up beading that beautiful “Sistahood of the Traveling Pandas” design.  All the beads were purchased in Bangkok including 4 stunning handcarved antique jade triangles.  Thank you so much bidders and Congratulations Gayle for winning this Necklace/Earring/Bracelet set.  You have a box FULL of Thailand handmade treasures from our scavenger hunt as well.  I’ll post photos after Gayle receives her package as I want her to be surprised!! Woo Hoo!!

The sistahood of the Traveling Pands..finished necklace


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