Thank you Ek’!!! And the new tattoos!!

Here liz and I sit all packed and ready to leave for the airport at 3:30am and we miss our friend Ek and Thailand already!!! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the overwhelmingly gracious hospitality Ek and the opportunity to get to know you as well as your beautiful chows better.

Liz and I truly felt like special princesses every moment of our trip and can hardly wait to return the hospitality when you come back to the states

We are so sorry we didn’t get the chance to give you a big goodbye hug tonite but promise to call right away when the puppies arrive safely in the u.s

Btw….look at the trouble liz and I got into the minute you weren’t here to supervise us. Yes….these tattoos are the real deal!

I will write more when I return home
Hugs….sandra and liz

My new panda tattoo moments after it was done

We got our tattoos done at at an awesome tattoo hot spot in Bangkok called Malakor Tattoo.

I had designed this panda with the Chinese symbol for EARTH in the ball which signifies that what goes around, comes around in life.   We protect our precious creatures as a caring planet in in turn these animals give back such pleasure to us and generations to come.  We save the pandas, the pandas protect the planet.

They put saran wrap on the leg to stop the bleeding so that’s why it looks very funny here.  The leg was pretty swollen here too so panda was a bit "chunky"…lol

My daughters new tattoo done at Malakor Tattoo in Bangkok Thailand

I still can’t believe I had it done!!! Yep it hurt and Liz’s even more. Tattooing on her skinny spine was excruciating I could tell. As a mom I was feeling a pang of guilt letting her go through with it but she’s 28………….and her own woman!!! Liz has had a tattoo before but mine was a first.

Her tattoo is a logo from a Pearl Jam concert ticket designed by one of the band members. It’s so fresh it’s still bleeding in this photo!


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